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The Durham is an attractive mantel seen here in Roman Stone, a creamy or beige coloured micro marble. The Durham has a two tier mantelshelf and multi fluted lines which run up either side of the legs and across the lintel. This mantel comes with a shelf length of either 1500mm (59″) or 1350mm (53″) and a standard internal rebate of 75mm (3″) allows for the fitting of a back panel or cast-iron insert.


If the Durham mantel is being used with a solid fuel fire (i.e. wood burning stove) it is advisable that a natural material is used instead of micro marble to ensure that the mantel can cope with the intense heat.


The Durham is also available in Crema Marfil pure marble (which will have natural veining and more varied colouration) or the more consistent Shanxi Black Granite.

Durham In Roman Stone

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