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Willow Classic


The Willow Classic stove is stylish and elegant and is one of the highest performing stoves available on the market today with a total efficiency of over 84%. The Classic is easy to use and will enhance any room it is installed in.

This stove has Leaf’s 3-Way Air Management System for maximum efficiency, which is fully controlled by the 2 Pull out Air Controllers at the front of the stove, including Primary Air, a Secondary Air wash to keep the door glass clean & Tertiary Air to the rear to ensure all fuel is burnt in the most efficient and clean manner.


Log stores are also available for the compact, classic & grande.


We are very proud to promote the Leaf range as they are completley made to order in the UK and they really are a sublime burner.

We have them in our showrooms and with 20 stoves on display, they pick the Leaf range 9 times out of 10.


We are a family business supporting British businesses.



Leaf Willow Classic - 100% British Born & Bred

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