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I started my business from our dining room back in September 2013 were I started supplying plumbing, log burners and fixings etc. It went really well so I thought I would make my garage at the side of the house into a little shop.

It went really well and was the step I needed to move on to my own shop.  

It was a daunting task but it is something I have always wanted to do & the shop I moved into was a shop where I also used to be a paperboy which was quite lovely.

We started installing log burners with an old friend of mine and today he still installs them for me and we offer a superb service where we are a one stop shop for a complete install.

After being in there 5 years I had to make a decision with the business, do I go work for someone else or do I try and go bigger


With that I went for a building that as 4 units and everyone has a purpose, warehouse, shop, stove showroom and bathroom showroom.

After a year of being here, my good lady Zoe joined the family business.  Zoe has taken on the role as Bathroom Manager and she is doing a super job spending time with customers and working to there budgets.

We have grown quite significantly over the last 2 years where we have also become a distributor for freefoam building plastics where we stock pvc fascias, trims, skirting, rainwater and pvc shower panels.

Where you can, please try to support the family businesses first, give them a chance.

Simon Shaw


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Lexi and Pickle
Simon B Shaw
Zoe Meadows

The Director'sAssistance & Sleeping Execs

Simon B Shaw
Managing Director

Zoe Meadows
Head of Bathroom Products

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