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Willow Compact


The Willow Compact stove has a minimal footprint in size but not in its heat output. It has been specifically designed to fit into the smallest fireplace opening, yet can heat your room with its impressive performance and is so easy to use.

This stove has Leaf’s 3-Way Air Management System for  maximum efficiency, which is fully controlled by the 2 Pull out Air Controllers at the front of the stove, including Primary Air, a Secondary Air wash to keep the door glass clean & Tertiary Air to the rear to ensure all fuel is burnt in the most efficient and clean manner.


Log stores are also available for the compact, classic & grande.


We are very proud to promote the Leaf range as they are completley made to order in the UK and they really are a sublime burner.

We have them in our showrooms and with 20 stoves on display, they pick the Leaf range 9 times out of 10.


We are a family business supporting British businesses.



Leaf Willow Compact - 100% British Born & Bred

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